Serial Mom 1994

A picture perfect middle class family is shocked when they find out that one of their neighbors is receiving obscene phone calls. The mom takes slights against her family very personally, and it turns out she is indeed the one harassing the neighbor. As other slights befall her beloved family, the body count begins to increase.

Serial Lover 1998

Claire Doste is about to reach the age of 35 and has everything one dreams of, such as having four boyfriends and a creative job in a publishing house specialising in crime novels. One day, she invites all of her boyfriends to her birthday dinner so that she can pick out her would-be fiancé. But an accident happens when Claire is getting the dinner ready.

I Am Not a Serial Killer 2016

Fifteen-year old John Cleaver is dangerous, and he knows it. He’s obsessed with serial killers, but really doesn’t want to become one. Terrible impulses constantly tempt him, so for his own sake, and the safety of those around, he lives by rigid rules to keep himself “good” and “normal”. However, when a real monster shows up in his town he has to let his dark side out in order to stop it – but without his rules to keep him in check, he might be more dangerous than the monster he’s trying to kill.

Serial Killing 101 2004

Casey Noland, a high school kid with no direction in life, decides to pursue the serial killing profession. Only problem...he can't bring himself to kill anybody. Will the help of a gothic chick named Sasha, he attempts to learn the ways of a mass murderer. Meanwhile, a real serial killer is at work in their town and Casey thinks he might know who the maniac is.

Tony 2010

Unemployed and unemployable, Tony is a sympathetic recluse with severe social problems, an addiction to VHS action films and a horrible moustache. Occasionally he snaps and murder is the result…

Serial Killer 1995

As a member of FBI Psychological Profile Unit, Selby Younger tracks Morrano, vicious and intelligent serial killer. Before getting caught, Morrano attacks her leaving serious psychological wounds. Two years later, Morrano escapes and Selby, now working on a desk job, must face her personal traumas again.

Serial Kelly 2018

Kelly (Gaby Amarantos) is an electronic forró singer in search of ascension. She does shows in the backlands of Brazil, but does not have many opportunities. For her career to become a success, she ends up killing some people along the way. Investigated for the murder of three men, she uses her itinerant presentations as an escape tool as she becomes known as Serial Kelly.

Serial Killers 1994

The true stories of modern history's most notorious serial killers. This horrifying account of their vicious crime sprees will shock the most callous viewer. This extensively researched history of crime and violence offers an unforgettably gripping account of a horrifying odyssey of death.

Serial 1980

It's the end of the 70s. Hippies are assimilating, women are raising their consciousness, and men are becoming confused and ineffectual. Don't expect to be able to keep track of all the names or who's sleeping with who; the picture very skillfully conveys the hopeless muddle through which the many characters move as they try to find themselves.

Serial Rape: Perverted Experiment 1990

Tired of the belligerence and bad manners of a female customer, two shop owners kidnap her and subject her to a series of sexual assaults and tortures with utensils from the shop.

.com for Murder 2002

This high-tech, psychological thriller is set in the shadowy world of the Internet. Sondra Brummel is recovering from a skiing accident in her boyfriend's mansion, and accidently contacts a possible killer in an Internet chatroom. She and her friend Misty enter a virtual game that that becomes all too real.

Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer 2003

British documentarian Nick Broomfield creates a follow-up piece to his 1992 documentary of the serial killer Aileen Wuornos, a highway prostitute who was convicted of killing six men in Florida between 1989 and 1990. Interviewing an increasingly mentally unstable Wuornos, Broomfield captures the distorted mind of a murderer whom the state of Florida deems of sound mind -- and therefore fit to execute. Throughout the film, Broomfield includes footage of his testimony at Wuornos' trial.

Payton Collins: Serial Rapist 2011

Payton Collins’ life is being played out in his mind – his teenage years, his failed marriage, scenes violent sex, and the debauchery and decadence of his adult years. His sexy demeanor and bi-polar personality lead him through a series of victims that he seduced and tortures in this sexually-charged erotic thriller.

Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer 2010

A small independent news crew investigates a series of unexplained disappearances in a small Midwestern county. They find themselves interviewing a man who possesses an all too intimate knowledge of the details of "The County Line Cannibal" - Cyrus.

Diary of a Serial Killer 1995

This is like a CAT III version of the classic sick flick Maniac (1980) but as depressing and mean-spirited as another classic Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986): unable to satisfy his sexual desires with his wife, Bill regularly visits prostitutes. Afterwards, he ties up and tortures them in various ways before killing them. Bill believes that if they die, they will be reincarnated and have a better life. He murders over a dozen people. One day, a young woman named Jade comes to stay with Bill's family. He falls in love with her but is afraid that he will kill her, so he makes her leave. Jade has nowhere to go and starts working as a prostitute. When Bill finds Jade doing this, he has sex with her and gets her pregnant.

Serial Experiments Lain 1998

Lain is an avant-garde anime influenced by philosophical subjects such as reality, identity, and communication. The series focuses on Lain Iwakura, an adolescent girl living in suburban Japan, and her introduction to the Wired, a global communications network similar to the Internet.

Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure 2017

Set between “Tangled” and “Tangled Ever After,” this animated adventure/comedy series unfolds as Rapunzel acquaints herself with her parents, her kingdom and the people of Corona.

21st Century Serial Killer 2018

21st Century Serial Killer forensically researches the lives of the killers who can't stop killing, revealing how the grim opportunities, provided by the 21st century, played a part in a number of murders.

Catfish: The TV Show 2012

In each episode, with the guidance and help of Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, a hopeful romantic partner will go on an emotional journey to discover the truth about their significant other. Has that object of affection been telling the truth?

Daddyhunt: The Serial 2016

A young man mistakes his salt & pepper older neighbor for a handyman, which begins a gay romance story for the modern age.

Bhootwala Serial

Bhootwala Serial is a comedy show that aired on SAB TV and premiered on February 23, 2009. It is the first horror - comedy show in India. The show's premise is about a group of friends purchasing/renting a home and the feeble attempts of the resident ghosts to evict them. It parodies the stereotypical aspects of Indian horror such as evil she-ghosts, evil laughter, odd-looking make up of the ghosts etc... Most episodes feature more or less the same gimmicks with exception to some special episodes.

Kargin Serial 2010

Kargin Serial is a 2010–2013 Armenian sitcom airing in Armenia on the Armenia TV channel since October 2010. ⁕Season 1 : 32 episodes ⁕Season 2 : 26 episodes ⁕Season 3 : 9 episodes ⁕Season 4 : 30 episodes ⁕Season 5 : 24 episodes ⁕Season 6 : 24 episodes

The Fall 2013

When the Police Service of Northern Ireland are unable to close a case after 28 days, Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson of the Metropolitan Police Service is called in to review the case. Under her new leadership, the local detectives must track down and stop a serial killer who is terrorising the city of Belfast.

V The Serial

The Serial is an Indian soap opera which premiered from November 26, 2012 to March 7, 2013 on the TV channel Channel V. A very unique and interesting yet much popular and better presented, the show explores the life of the television actors through the eyes of a 17 year old Rohan Shah. It includes all the actors in their real life roles. The show is jointly produced by Balaji Telefilms and Lost Boy Productions. This show also features Sara Khan in a bikini for the first time in the history of Indian television.

Touching Evil 2004

Returning from a year-long psychological leave of absence after surviving an almost-fatal gunshot wound to the head, Detective David Creegan is assigned to the FBI's Organized and Serial Crime Unit – a rapid-response, elite crime investigation squad – where he and his new partner, Detective Susan Branca, find themselves committed to saving lives and solving cases. In spite of his inability to abide by common sense and the laws he's sworn to uphold, Creegan, with the help of Branca, works on hunting down the most vicious criminals on the streets.

Serial Killer With Piers Morgan 2017

Through intense prison interviews, Piers Morgan revisits the crimes of three convicted serial killers and learns more about their motives.

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